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Lauren & Joseph
September 22, 2012

Photography by Marissa Joy Photography

CEREMONY/RECEPTION Willow Oaks Plantation
PHOTOGRAPHY Marissa Joy Photography
GOWN Anjolique
INVITATIONS Village Printing of Asheboro
CAKE Maxie B’s
CATERING 4U Catering
FLOWERS Cynthia Magnum
HAIR/MAKEUP Orrell Design
Relish Design Company
MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT Ceremony: Unit 3 and Charlton Provatas, Daniel Levi and Lauren Goans, Jacqui Haggerty of the Fair and the Foul, Caitlin Watkins, and Becca Leigh
Reception Music: Hoppie Vaughan and the Ministers of Soul with guest appearances of the F.O.B Steve Kimmel and F.O.G Randy Dickey. As well as Solos by Fred Kerr and Alex Bingham

Lauren Kimmel and Joseph Dickey met in 2011 through a mutual friend named Fred Kerr. Lauren and Fred had been friends for a number of years and Joseph played in a band with Fred. One day, Fred encouraged Lauren to invite Joseph to her house for a party she was hosting. Subsequently, after a few more get-togethers, this friendship triangle started to turn into a couple with a third wheel...Fred.

In April of 2012, Joseph woke Lauren up at 3:30 am and drove them to the base of Cove Mountain in Virginia. They hiked up to the top in the moonlight for an hour and a half, just in time to experience the most majestic sunrise from Dragon’s Tooth Peak. With the timing of a true gentleman, Joseph proposed and after Lauren eagerly said yes, they enjoyed a hot breakfast cooked on top of the mountain accompanied by a fresh greyhound cocktail. “This was the best Monday morning I have ever had!” said Lauren.

Planning for their September wedding, the couple decided on an outdoor wedding at Willow Oaks Plantation. The focal point of the ceremony was a small enchanting grove of trees and the backdrop of the dance floor was a landscape view that in pictures resembles a green screen.

“I enjoy so many colors and textures that I could never limit myself to a theme!” said Lauren. “We chose to spend the months leading up to the wedding with zesty event designer, Melissa Lewkowicz of Relish Design Company, who came highly recommended. She was incredible and listened intently to our vision and desires for the wedding. Melissa attentively executed all planning and her interpretations of our requests were skillfully thought out. We could never have done it without her.”

When asked about their favorite memory from the wedding day, Lauren replied, “The Processional, without a doubt. There were so many mysterious elements to the ceremony: the weather (dramatic clouds, rainbows, lightning, nonappearance of rain, sunset), the music (four dear friends singing in harmony to an original composition of Abigail Washburn’s Bright Morning Stars by Jacqui Haggerty and lyrics rewritten by me and Joseph), and the effervescent act of formally engaging in the most intimate decision of our lives in front of our family and dearest friends. This was an incredible start to becoming Mr. and Mrs. On a lighter note, just plain loved the people, the food, the red oak, the cigars, the music and the dancing.

“There are always things that don’t go as planned, but the people and the energy put into an event such as this are worth so much more than getting tangled up by any details gone wrong. No guest ever knows what was supposed to be, they only revel in the beauty they do see. This day was bursting with stunning images, sounds, smells, and textures, all of which created a celebration worthy for a marriage.”

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