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Every issue of TriadWeddings magazine is packed with helpful content - including real local weddings, planning tips, and fresh designs in cakes, flowers, catering, invitations, photography and more - and our readers love it.
See what our readers have to say.


“I had recently moved to the Triad area from out of state when I became engaged last winter! Being new to the area, I had no idea where to turn for vendors for our spring wedding. I was out for lunch at a fabulous place and when leaving, I saw TriadWeddings by the door. I grabbed one, opened it up and started flipping through the pages. I could immediately tell by the content and photos that this was going to be the biggest help in steering me towards the best vendors! What I love most about TriadWeddings Magazine is that it offers vendors who exude the upmost quality, professionalism and trendiness in weddings. I was able to plan our most perfect day using this magazine and I tell any future bride to do the same! I still collect this magazine to glance at the fabulous ideas and keep them to refer to when planning our vowel renew
in 2018!”


TriadWeddings gives me confidence that it is possible to plan, and pull off, a dream wedding! I have two best friends getting married, so it sometimes feels a little overwhelming, but TriadWeddings Magazine always has great tips and ideas from real weddings and situations. They always have the best resources and examples of beautiful ceremonies and fabulous receptions which is exactly what every bridesmaid needs!”


“I am the mother of three sons, ages 28, 25 and 22. I will be having three weddings in my future. I love TriadWeddings Magazine. It always has lots of ideas, articles and pictures. I save items that I think will be ideas to use in our future plans.”


TriadWeddings has helped me tremendously! I had no idea where to start when I began planning, and since I have received two copies of the magazine it has helped me in every aspect of planning. I can't wait until the next issue comes out!”


“I love TriadWeddings for all of their great suggestions of vendors and being specifically available for the Triad area. My fiancé and I met at High Point University, both from different parts of NC, but now we are so excited to start our lives together in the Triad and couldn't do it without all of your suggestions!”


“I love that TriadWeddings is a local-based magazine! Vendors, venues and wedding professionals are all locally available for anything you may need on your special day!”


“I love TriadWeddings Magazine ! I loved, and used, their digital version of the magazine and their wedding planning guide on their website back when I was planning for my wedding! I am married now, but I still tune in to the great venues, pictures and information to share with other brides to be! It's a great resource for anyone planning a special event, not just weddings!”


TriadWeddings has given me so much information and links to get me to have the most perfect wedding than I ever dreamed possible. I have looked at so many places and magazines that this is over and beyond any magazine I could have hoped for. Thank you so much for giving us a place to go to take away A LOT of the stress that comes with wedding planning!!!”


“One of the things I like most about TriadWeddings is the amount of inspiration and ideas they provide to engaged couples in the wedding planning stage. There are so many resources available in the magazine and on their website that it is truly a helpful tool to have in your wedding planning arsenal.”


TriadWeddings has everything in one spot for you! When planning our wedding, we found so many great vendors and locations we never knew existed.”


“I have fallen in love with TriadWeddings Magazine! It shows different aspects of weddings around the Triad that get the creative wedding juices flowing! It must take a lot of hard work to deliver such an amazing magazine, however the writers, designers and editors are going over and beyond to ensure this happens. Way to go!!!”


“I love that TriadWeddings Magazine is unlike any other wedding magazine or resource in this area! It's fun, exciting, and helps local brides and grooms plan for the day they've waited for their whole lives!”

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